Biosolids Dryer Emission Control

Colt has completed multiple Biosolids dryer projects, achieving unmatched performance and reliability. In order to handle this very demanding application, Colt engineers started with a clean sheet of paper, and designed the RTO with features that address the problems plaguing the dryer industry.

Colt's Dallas based Air Quality Control Group received an order for a 3 chamber MAXIM™ RTO system to control the Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) and Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP) emissions from a municipal sludge dryer.

This order followed the year long repair and maintenance of a competitor's 2 chamber RTO which had been causing outages monthly since its startup.

biosolids thermal oxidizer 1 biosolids thermal oxidizer 2 biosolids thermal oxidizer 3


  • Corrosion of components from Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Plugging of Heat Recovery Beds with organic particulates in the dryer exhaust
  • Siloxane converting to Silica Dioxide in beds and causing premature bed failure
  • Hazardous Air Pollutants requiring very high destruction performance (99%+)
  • Effective means of washing out the beds
  • Very high reliability required with long runs between scheduled outages for service


  • Design RTO Heat Recovery Beds for easy, effective washout
  • Provide custom designed heat recovery media
  • Allow easy collection of wash water
  • Strategic use of corrosion resistant alloys and composite materials


  • MAXIM™ RTO has 12 months of uninterrupted operation since startup
  • Easily met all California emission standards

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