Designing for High and Low VOC Concentrations

Colt's MAXIM™ III Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer is a three (3) chamber design, utilizing three vertical heat recovery chambers connected to a common horizontal combustion chamber. The exhaust flow is controlled into and out of the chambers by pneumatically actuated valves located at ground level. Each chamber cycle... view pdf to read more

15 Years and Still Going Strong

Since our founding over 30 years ago, Colt's customers have experienced outstanding service life and continuous reliable performance from our MAXIM family of industrial air pollution control technologies. A case in point is Colt's 30,000 scfm MAXIM RTO system operating on a solvent recycling facility in Illinois. The RT... view pdf to read more

Better Valves, Better System Performance

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer manufacturers today utilize a variety of valve designs to control air flow into and out of the RTO system chambers. For maximum performance and efficiency, Colt's two chamber MAXIM II Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTO) utilizes twin HTP Poppet Valves. This Case Study outlines the design ... view pdf to read more

Batch Resin

A major manufacturer of adhesives for engineered forest products needed a VOC emission control system for one of their Northwestern U.S. plants as regulators had mandated that the plant be compliant with local air regulations by January 10, or shut down the plant. The date was November 1. Shutting down the plant was an ... view pdf to read more

Chlorinated Compound

An Arkansas based chemical recycle and fuel blending company contracted with Colt Technologies to provide a 100% emission capture and VOC/HCL abatement system for more than 30 various processes in their Dallas, Texas facility. The chemical compounds were primarily chlorinated, which required that the MAXIM RTO emissions ... view pdf to read more

Equipment Relocation

A Chicago based railcar manufacturer contracted Colt Technologies to provide relocation of an existing RTO system from a Louisiana location to a facility in southeast Texas. At the Texas plant, Colt provided design, fabrication, and installation of the all new 100% capture hoods and exhaust ductwork. At the Louisiana p... view pdf to read more

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