Paint and Coatings VOC Emission Control

Colt Technologies designed and installed two MAXIM™ Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs) at a new railcar manufacturing facility. Each RTO controls Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and paint spray booth emissions from 40,000 scfm of exhaust air from paint spray booths and interior lining operations at the plant.

The RTO systems reduce VOC emissions by 98% utilizing custom ceramic heat transfer media to avoid particulate issues from the paint booths, and to improve heat transfer efficiency to minimize natural gas fuel costs.

paint and coatings thermal oxidizer 1 paint and coatings thermal oxidizer 2 paint and coatings thermal oxidizer 3 paint and coatings thermal oxidizer 4


  • New manufacturing facility needs turnkey RTO systems and process ductwork
  • Maximum energy efficiency for system sought by owner
  • Very high reliability required to minimize outages for service


  • Provide turnkey custom designed capture hoods, ductwork, instrumentation and controls
  • Design RTO Heat Recovery Beds to maximize energy efficiency
  • Provide custom designed heat recovery media reducing 98% of VOC emissions


  • Tested and met all emission requirements
  • Both MAXIM™ RTO systems are very reliable with no unscheduled downtime to date

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