Sludge Dryer Overhaul and Upgrade

Air Group personnel recently completed upgrades and repairs to a competitor's problematic RTO system at a municipal sludge dryer and pelletizing plant in California.

overhaul thermal oxidizer 1


  • Existing two chamber RTO not meeting California emission standards
  • Ceramic saddle media plugging in 2-3 weeks with particulates and silicone compounds
  • Owner spending $40,000/month to continually replace media
  • System downtime causing major loss of revenue


  • Upgraded RTO with Colt's hybrid media beds, replacing poor performing saddles
  • Upgraded RTO with instrumentation to monitor individual heat recovery beds
  • Modified RTO to allow washout of the new hybrid media


  • Colt's upgraded RTO ran 9 months before first washout, with total downtime reduced to 6 hours
  • Additional instrumentation allowed more efficient operation of RTO reducing operating cost
  • Plant met production goals for the first time since original RTO startup

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